Free Egress using Cloudflare Warp (Bandwidth Alliance)?

I recently tried using the Cloudflare-Warp “VPN” to download data from by B2 Cloud Storage bucket.
Traffic to Cloudflare should be free from Backblaze but sadly that traffic was counted as normal (paid) traffic.

Is the Cloudflare-Warp service not part of the bandwith alliance or are there other rules defining traffic being free?

I think it would be a great benefit for all customers if Cloudflare Warp can be used to reduce cost as it allows to use all your native tools to access the partners without complicated setup via for example Cloudflare Workers.

I don’t see why a VPN would be included in the Bandwidth Alliance at all?

The free egress is not designed for WARP Service. It is for hosting websites and CDN. Some providers have whitelisted the whole IP ranges address to be free but looks like Blackblaze does not whitelist the WARP ip’s to be free.

Website Hosting IP and it’s warp IP addresses are in different ranges although they are using the same Cloudflare network.

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