Free cloudflare setup, on godaddy domain, and wordpress site

hey, I’d sure appreciate any pointers, I’ve spent the whole day, and now into evening looking and reading… I’m not necessarily stuck, but good grief, this is an amazing education in Cloudflare… free setup.

I’ve got a WordPress site that was originally setup with Cloudflare by a contractor, with the domain hosted by GoDaddy. Everything was running brilliantly, until Cloudflare wanted to change the DNS nameservers the other day.

The contractor is no longer available so I’m on my own and not a network person (me thinking, how hard can it be? lol)

I changed the DNS nameserver for both, and updated exactly in GoDaddy. Waited the requisite period of over 24 hours, and everything is working on the Cloudflare end, GoDaddy says things are a go… and I’ve checked the International global dns propagation checker, and NS is green lights all the way baby, the CName and PTR are what’s red, so that means there’s trouble on my end.

But, sadly, I’m not able to access my little website because apparently the IP is not resolving, so says the error page and the IP address at the bottom of the page… but, once I was able to get into the backend of WordPress Engine (long term memory is shot, but I was helped by blueberry streusel cake straight from the oven)…

I’m able to see that my CName Record, and IP address, and a few other things need to be reset in WordPress Engine, and I’m off now to read all about it. Any wise words from those with experience and know-how would be greatly appreciated.

Okay… just to follow up on this. Once on the WP Engine site, I found in the support area, a document explaining how to point DNS to WP site.

I was able to connect through WP Engine to my own account in Cloudflare, seamlessly, and it automatically updated the cname for me.

After 10 minutes, I reloaded the pages to the WP Engine and on Cloudflare, and everything is working.

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