Free byethost + Cloudflare = SSL?

Hello, I have free byethost hosting. They have the following NS:

(a lot of dots, because new users don’t have the right to insert links)

Cloudflare asks you to set the following NS:


After changing NS, the site becomes unavailable, what did I do wrong ?
Tell me how do I make SSL on a free byethost ?

Only Bytehost can add SSL to bytehost.

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To make the site available, you need to: go to DNS and create 2 dns records for


that point to the IP (your IP give it to me in byethost )

Type A /// Name /// Content
Type A /// Name /// Content

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On account of connecting the SSL certificate byethost support reported the following:

You need to order a SSL certificate from a retailer and install it on your website. Free SSL providers such as Lets Encrypt are not supported on free hosting unfortunately. Alternatively you may upgrade to premium plans which include free SSL

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