Free Account + MP3 Hosting?

Hi all, I recently started using Cloudflare for a nonprofit community radio station website after a DDOS attack and am loving it so far.

As a radio station we host a lot of MP3 files of past programs and currently average about 350GB/month of outgoing bandwidth for these files.

I’m currently using S3 + Cloudfront but am looking into using Cloudflare in conjunction S3 bucket and stop using Cloudfront.

My concern is I don’t want to abuse Cloudflare’s generosity with the free account, or worse, get cut off unexpectedly.

Is using the free tier for these types of files in violation of the TOS? If I were to upgrade to the Pro account, would I not have to worry about using Cloudflare in this way?

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.

Unless you’ve paid for MP3 traffic on an Enterprise Plan, that would a violation of Terms of Service 2.8.

If you put those files on a :grey: DNS Only subdomain at a CDN such as Bunny, that would be $3.50/month for North American/European traffic.

Thanks so much for the info! I’ll look into some alternative CDNs. Amazon is working great but as a small nonprofit I’m looking to save every buck I can. I really appreciate the response.

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