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Hi community,

We run an ecommerce website that see’s significant spikes in traffic for about a 2 hour period on specific days of the week, building up to an 8pm event.

Regularly we run into site performance issues around the 8pm mark and I’m trying to ascertain if it’s a hosting issue or if it’s because we’re hitting our simultaneous request limits with Cloudflare and if so, whether upgrading to pro would solve the issue or not.

We’re topping out at around 40,000 - 60,000 simultaneous requests at that time.

Struggling to find information on what the limits are.

Any help greatly appreciated.



What errors or issues are you seeing when you run into these site performance issues?

This will help us narrow down where the error lies? We do not have a connection limit however DDOS protection can and could act on our edge. If the requests were deemed an attack.

If you can provide the zone name along with more information on what errors you are seeing please?

As that will help us determine if it is a connection limit with us. Also here are some common http status codes that may correlate to performance issues.

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