Free account, How long will it remain active?

I have just signed up for a free account to get round an issue with Certify issuing a LetsEncrypt certificate for my NameCheap site.

I have no DNS records set up, Certify will set up temporary DNS TXT records every 40 days to renew my certificate.

How long will the account remain active (free plan). Do need to log in every now and then to keep the account active? Or will the fact that Certify logs in via API every 40 days keep the account active?
Do I have to resign after a year?

Thanks for any info Dave

I am not aware of any requirements as far as logging into your account is concerned. Your domain needs to point to the assigned nameservers though.


I have CNAME’s for the “_acme-challenge” DNS challenges needed for LetsEncrypt punting to my assigned nameservers so I guess that should be ok?

Are your nameservers set to Cloudflare? If not, its not okay.

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