Free Account Cache Doubts

I have two doubts on free account

  1. Is there any tool from which i can identify how manty resource from a url is coming from cache ?
  2. Can i cache complete respone of a page? Except with some pattern ?
  1. Only Enterprise plans include detailed logging, but you can subscribe to a thirdparty’s service
  2. You can’t use logic in Page Rules, only wildcards. So if you can make a wildcard pattern that matches the exception, you can set a Bypass Cache first for the exclude pattern, then a wildcare Page Rule to Cache Everything.
    2b) Or write a Cloudflare Worker to manage more specific caching.

Cant be done using inspect like checking for remote address ?
Can yo help me with the rule
Lets say i want everything to be cached except for “/riddleoftheday” ?

Page Rules don’t pay attention to the remote address. But if you want to cache almost everything:

Page Rule 1) Match* and use Setting of Cache Level: Bypass
Page Rule 2) Match* (this will match everything that doesn’t match Rule 1), and use Settings of Cache Level: Everything, and Edge Cache TTL of 2 (or more) hours.


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