Frazzled having to try to fix four domains

I’ve been working now for 27 hours trying to fix 4 of my 12 domains. I had mixed up the use of NS and Nameservers on my registrar - Netfirms. I register there, but host at hostgator. Everything is pushed through Cloudflare. However, for many months I keep getting these errors about there being “Too Many Redirects”. I’ve tried three different plugins for Cloudflare on my WP sites. None seem to stop the issue. Now tonight as I dig in deeper, I suddenly can’t even log into the Cloudflare dashboard. I was going to pull the four domains off Cloudflare and go back to scratch. But it appears Cloudflare must be under attack. I can’t even access the dashboard now. I do like the DNS thing though Done that for my macbook and it works just fine.

Can you provide some domain names?

This is a common error
I suggest to start here: Community Tip - Fixing ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS

log into the Cloudflare dashboard

If there an error message can you tell us what it is?

My domains that are hooped are: (had this one for 17 years!)
stemcellclinicians dot com and
rangefiretactical dot com

I have all of the other working, but these ones just won’t budge.

I can’t even ftp into these sites! So, I’m assuming the DNS is messed up.

Roll back a little bit by going to the Overview page for your domain at Cloudflare, and use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” link. Then make sure your sites are running properly.

(just now saw your message about messed up DNS)

Still backing up some more…spend some time on the DNS page for your domains here. Each one will tell you which name servers your domain should be using. Make sure your registrar has these set for your domains.
Then compare the DNS entries for those at Hostgator. The A/CNAME/MX/etc records should match.

Again, once this stuff is untangled (your sites working again when bypassing Cloudflare’s reverse proxy, but still on Cloudflare DNS), the Redirects will be easier to fix.

p.s. You can’t FTP in to a Hostname set to :orange:. Go direct to your server’s IP address.


Yeah! Great tip on the FTP. I just tried on one of the domains with the ip and I’m now in via FTP.
this helps a lot.

Do you recommend reseting the .htaccess file? If so, is there a generic code I can use?
The bulk of this mess was created when I tried W3 Total Cache! Not good.

And just tried the FTP with IP for the second failed site. That works too! Now we are moving.
30 hours into this… :frowning:

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With .htaccess there are hundreds of options that can improve or completely break your site. Here are some GitHub repositories to get you started. Search · htaccess · GitHub
When testing, It’s a good idea to place you site in to Development Mode and test each performance tweak with GTmetrix or Pingdom tools after each one.

I’ll do that now… thanks…

I think this a wordpress site so the default one from wordpress can be found here: htaccess « WordPress Codex

@nick2 where are you regarding the advice @sdayman has given?

I had a look at the domains. is not on Cloudflare is that intentional?
Current nameservers:


It is on Cloudflare, but I had it in developer mode. I have access to all sites now with FTP, and I have replaced the htaccess with the generic one. I am wondering if the .ca is causing an issue? .CA is so stupid. They tried to corner the market on .ca way back. I remember in 1992 creating a .ca and they wanted me to have a presence in three or more provinces and have revenues north of $50K. Idiots.


Ah ok my bad. I was reading the wrong line in the whois lookup :roll_eyes:

Here is my error on
I’m 30 hours without sleep. Going to drop to the floor for 8 hours than back at it tomorrow.
What really sucks about this is having to wait for replication. At this rate, it will take about about 6 years to fix this problem if I have to wait for replication for everything I try.
I do appreciate your help … just getting really tired now… and extremely grouchy!

Stemcellclinicians will expire Feb 4th. I’ll probably just dump that one.
But the heart site has been with me since 2002. I have been helping people all over the world if they suffer from heart palpitations. I found my own fix back on 2002. So I pass on the free advice to them. I have a lot of followers on that site.

My RangefireTactical site is registered over at NameCheap. I see this notice on their dashboard.
Due to the current migration of .CA domain names from Enom to Namecheap, we do not recommend to change contact details/DNS records of your .CA domain names from 14th till 17th January, 2019. If you urgently need to manage your .CA domains, please contact us via [Live Chat]

The stopheartpalpitations site is working fine for me now with Cloudflare… if you don’t see it, try clearing your cache.