Fraudulently Added to a Team

Hi I’m just a regular user of the Warp app, i had a premium subscription at one time, but now Im just coasting on the free version, so:

I don’t have a corporation managing me, but I am being told my device is enrolled in teams when I try to change the settings. How can I remove myself from a domain and delete all the excluded items from the advanced settings?!

Are you sure you didn’t simply click ‘Login with Cloudflare for Teams’ on accident? that screen says ‘Your organization is using Cloudflare for Teams’ for me even when it isn’t enrolled.

If you were enrolled, you would see something like this in Settings → Account, and you could logout with the button.

I think your issue is a UI design shortfall in that it sounds like your device is already enrolled when it isn’t.


Thanks for the response. I was concerned because when I delete one of these entries, it fills right back in without me doing anything, like the settings are being provisioned, but i guess these are just defaults for everyone?:

Thank you for your response!