Fraudulent websites using Cloudflare SSL's

Hi all. I have a problem with a number of websites committing trademark infringement and fraudulent card transactions. These websites are sitting on Cloudflare SSL certs. How can I get the SSL’s revoked so the websites are no longer seen as secure?

If you suspect they’re violating Cloudflare TOS, visit

Also, CF uses the Google safe browsing list, so try submitting the bad URLs to

Note that the “secure” indicator for a website doesn’t mean that the website is safe from financial fraud. Even NewEgg, which uses a high-assurance GeoTrust certificate has a malicious script which sent card details to a bad server. The secure indicator only means your traffic is encrypted, and should not be the basis for ensuring safe financial transactions.

Thanks. I’ve already reported the site through the abuse form. But most of these sites are not hosted on Cloudflare. Just the DNS is setup through Cloudflare and the SSL issued by Cloudflare. We are trying to educate our consumers about these websites but it’s a hard task and the fraudsters are winning.

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