Fraudulent domain registration

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I registered and paid for the above domain name through Cloudflare a week ago. However, it turns out that this domain name is already owned by a different individual and was registered in January by NameCheap. I have contacted support for a refund but after 24 hours have not received a response. How is it that you can fraudulently sell me a domain name somebody else already has active control of?

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. Contacted support
  2. Received no response after 24 hours

Do you have a ticket number? If you continue to not receive a response, perhaps one of the MVPs here might be kind enough to escalate it for you. You made this post on the weekend as well, so perhaps just a bit more patience was needed.

Just in case it’s worth double-checking. You registered the domain via Cloudflare’s Registrar, correct? As in, if you navigate to Domain Registration, do you see the domain in that tab? Out of an abundance of caution, I would make sure it’s spelled exactly the same as well.

If you just added it as a normal website to Cloudflare, Cloudflare will let you add anything, but it won’t do anything until you verify you have control over it (i.e change nameservers).

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