Fraudulent Credit Card Bot (URGENT)

Fraudulent bots are testing credit card numbers on my e-commerce WordPress website.

After implementing Cloudflare PRO security about 8 hours ago the attacks had stopped but are now back.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • using the SuperBot Fighting mode to block all automated traffic.
  • blocked international traffic via custom firewall rule
  • blocked fraudulent IP addresses via custom firewall rule
  1. Enable Captcha on your payment gateway.
  2. Use a Gateway with anti-fraud. Stripe Radar is very good at this.
  3. Purchase bot protection. Cloudflare might be able to help, but it starts at ~$36k a year; reach out to sales if you are interested.
    If this is too pricey, consider looking for alternative protections that can be implemented with your CMS or within Cloudflare.

Is Browser Integrity Check enabled? It’s at Security > Settings.

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