Fraud shop is registered and hosted by Cloudflare

Hello there,
I am trying to report a fake shop evenoddneu(dot)de which is hosted by Cloudflare, but I can’t get a ticket, because it’s automatically closed when I mention a domain that doesn’t belong to me.
What shall I do? How can I get Cloudflare to delete a fake shop?

Cloudflare has no control over the content that is displayed on a website we do not host. If you feel that a site is engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities, you can submit an abuse report at Abuse approach - Cloudflare.

You will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation code in the Subject. While the Trust and Safety team will review the details of your report, that may be the only reply you receive.

You can also report the site to your relevant local authorities. Complaints cannot be filed via this forum.

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Thanks for such a quick reply. I also filed a police complaint.
How can I make sure that this case will be taken care of?

If you submitted an abuse report and received a confirmation email then you already have. The Trust and Safety team at Cloudflare will review your report and decide if and what action needs to be taken. The confirmation email may be the only reply you receive.

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How can I reach out the Trust and Safety team to stay in contact with them? I don’t like the statement “The only reply I receive”. It should be a both ways communication.

Trust and Safety will look at your report and determine if the website is in violation of Cloudflare’s Terms of Service. If the website is determined to be in violation of Cloudflare’s Terms of Service, it is up to the Trust and Safety team if and what action to take. Trust and Safety may reach out if they need more information, but the decision is theirs alone - it is not a two-way conversation.

If you want to take more direct action, you can report the site to your relevant local authorities who can ask Cloudflare where the website is hosted. Your local authorities can then contact the hosting provider directly and ask them for information about the site operator. They are also the only ones who can request the website be taken down. Cloudflare does not host the website and therefore have no control over its content.

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