Framing a cloudflare worker site

Hello dear,

I have created a cloudflare worker site that i have to embed using a iframe.

how can i embed it using a iframe.

I don’t see anything in the headers that would prevent this. What are you seeing when you try?

I can see it on mobile but it’s not working on my pc browser. can anyone check is working on the desktop browser it’s showing me an error on my pc but fine on mobile

The syntax sure doesn’t look right. There are two URLs in the iframe.

yes sire,

Thanks for the reply

is that working or not I mean
I can’t see the totalsportek site on my pc I can see it using my mobile phone.

what is the bandwidth cost of cloudflare workers, because users going to unblock streaming sites in huge amounts. If more than a lakh visitors play video estimate coast.

one more question…

I want to try a reserver proxy for unblocking sites.

how do I set up my website page to add into workers route?

DNS configuration I tried 2 websites instructions it’s not working,

I want to create a URL like to serve worker’s content.

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