.fr domains and DNSSEC

I have a few .fr domains using Cloudflare DNS.
As it was impossible to activate DNSSEC on all .fr domains, I queried the Technical Sopport of the .fr registrar. They replied that if I wanted DNSSEC on the .fr domains, I should use their DNS.
Any workaround please?

Are you saying your registrar refuses to set up DS records, unless you are using their nameservers?

If so, you can only either go along with their request (and not using Cloudflare or only a CNAME setup) or switch to a registrar which does not have such limitations.

It is your registrar who controls that and unfortunately nothing Cloudflare can fix, if they do not make the necessary configuration changes on their (respectively, the registry’s) end.

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Hey Sandro,
I had some second thoughts. I just found out that .org .net .pro .eu have the same problem!
If I use the Registrar DNS and point to Cloudflare? Then from Cloudflare to the hosting, is this feasible in your opinion?

If you want to use Cloudflare you have to use the assigned nameservers (unless you are on a CNAME setup) and cannot use any other nameservers.

I understand. Thanks for your thoughts.
I guess that if Cloudflare becomes the Registrar of org .net .pro .eu domains all would be ok.
Cheers Sandro!

For starters, Cloudflare does not support all of those TLDs. But there are also occasional issues with Cloudflare. If you plan to transfer, you best disable DNSSEC everywhere and enable it only once the transfer is done.

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