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Hi Guys:

NOMINET, the UK REGISTRAR uses FQDN for NS records, i.e. trailing dot. THis appears to be causing issues at Cloudflare resulting in error messages such as the following. Please note Cloudflare strips the trailing dot from its reports.

Can anyone advise what/how to resolve…?

NB: I’ve had to add a tilde to get the NS replies to display in this post due to restrictions on links.


1. Log in to your registrar account

Determine your registrar via [link removed due to posting restriction.

Remove these nameservers:

2. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

Nameserver 1


Click to copy

Nameserver 2


Click to copy

Visually there is no . at the end but there is inside the systems.

What is the domain you are having issues with?



NOMINET SHOWS NS [note trailing dot] as:
I’ve had to use replace the dots in the DN above and NOMINET FQDN to a star as the link option corrupts the reply.


What is the domain you are having issues with?
What is the actual issue?

You seem to have a typo in your Nameservers:

assettraders.co.uk.     172800  IN      NS      zod.ns.cloudfare.com.
assettraders.co.uk.     172800  IN      NS      lorna.ns.cloudflare.com.
;; Received 146 bytes from in 32 ms

Change zod.ns.cloudfare.comzod.ns.cloudflare.com (there is an L missing).

That’s exactly what the error message told you to do:


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