Fourth level domain

I used to have a few fourth level domains configured in Cloudflare, something like:
It used to work just fine, no SSL issues as the offloading was done on the server side, but since today they all stopped working. I just get a DNS lookup failure.
Third level domains still work fine, but nothing to do with these - anybody experienced something similar? Any advice?

Except for SSL they should work just fine.

Can you post such a hostname?

Sure Sandro - the domain is
I had older records, but this one is from today:
As it was created hours ago, I would exclude propagation times.

Your domain is currently suspended by the registry.

You should contact your registrar to clarify that.

Always check that the client renewed the domain, first :roll_eyes:
Well spotted, sorry for wasting your time!

No worries :slight_smile:

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