Foundry VTT connection issue javascript failure/crashing

Hello! I’m currently hosting a Foundry VVT docker for my DND group and running it through my cloudflare. I have one user not able to connect and the foundry vtt and docker github was useless. After a few days of trouble shooting I think cloudflare is causing the issue as a LAN connection has not had any issues but when i try the website url I can get the error to trigger sometimes. Here is a screenshot of the error I’m getting in the console.

I can see on the foundry log that a client session is created but after that it does nothing. My theory is that cloudflare is causing the JavaScript to fail/crash under certain conditions as I can not trigger the error every time. Any help is appreciated.

Adding a page rule to bypass caching for the domain and under the speed tab turning off minify for JavaScript. That fixed the issues I was having.

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