Found a small typo error in Cloudflare Statuspage

At Cloudflare Statuspage, most of the data center listed in format:

City, Country - (IATA Code)

For example,

Amsterdam, Netherlands - (AMS)

But the data centers item listed below, their name doesn’t match the format:

Islamabad, Pakistan (ISB)
Karachi, Pakistan (KHI)



I am reporting this issue because I am currently testing a crawler at Cloudflare Statuspage and I was using - ( as a keyword to distinguish between data center and Other Cloudflare services.

What do you think does not match?

My crawler is using - ( as a keyword to determine whether a status item is a Cloudflare data center or Cloudflare Sites and Services. So the misformat of those 2 data centers’ name makes my crawler cannot determine those status item as a data center .

Oh, you are referring to the missing hyphen.

Ah, yes

I will let the team know. Thank you.

Hi @Sukka, this has been fixed, thank you for letting us know!

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