Found a random blocked URL

May I ask if you could share a screenshot of this error being presented / shown to you?

When I go to check this URL, I do get an 1020 Error Access denied.

If this is your website, then you should see those blocked firewall events under the WAF → Overview.

I am afraid it is caused by one of your custom-made Firewall Rules at WAF → Firewall Rules.

Click on the event to show more details which service/rule did blocked the request.

My RayID: 74dac3fc4e41fc6d if you’d like to check this in past 24h.

UPDATE: I am afraid you’re having a custom-made Firewall Rule that blocks the URLs which contain cpanel word in them (either a http uri path or something else).

Either modify and adjust it, or rather change the URL of the article to have like /c-panel- instead of /cpanel- which triggers it.