Forword Network traffic to my game server

Hi, we have been the target of DDOS attacks lately, as I host the server locally my internet bandwidth is limited and falls over quite easily.

I have a domain ( each server has a port.

for example

This was working when I was testing things out but it’s now stopped working.

My DNS won let me use * to forward all the traffic under type A anymore

I’m trying to use Cloudflare as a proxy server to filter out the DDOS attacks

Can someone help?

You cant use Cloudflare in this context. Cloudflare will neither proxy that port nor (most likely) your server’s protocol.

Hi Sandro,

any Idea what I can use?

Whats your budget?

less the better

We dont get payed to run the server is a community

The fewer your chances in finding something get :wink:

Your best bet might be to move your server to a host who offers such protection already.

the issue is that its self hosted, been running for arround a year now. but the DDOS has just started

Maybe over at LowEndTalk they have some suggestions.

okay I’ll give it a go!!

Thanks for your help

You could also contact Cloudflare’s sales team and enquire about Spectrum, maybe they can offer something that is not exactly an Enterprise plan but only covers TCP proxying and does not come at four figures :wink:, but I wouldnt count on it

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