gosh i have the same thing at 212pt dat com

i matched the dns and proxy to another acct that i got to forward just fine, but this one is just stuck

this url forwarding works tho

thanks for helping!

this one doesnt go

Please show your forwarding rules. No one can help you with only a screenshot of an IP address.

sure, i dont understand the principles of what i am doing with this so i dont get the results
anyway here are the rules and the result

another example,

somehow i got a couple of these redirects to work, but i have no idea now i did it.
i could use a step by step tutorial how to do this common task
some of redirects dont even update instantly, for me
who knows how long is the lag between change and effect


Since Page Rules are soon to be retired, I prefer that we don’t waste time using them. Please delete that Page Rule and use a Redirect Rule instead. Example number four in the following guide may be what you are looking for. I see that your domain name is already set to :orange: , so that should be fine.

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like this? doesnt also seem to go

I must eschew obsfucation

aww, that worked, i just had to read the answer in your reply more carefully, thanks!


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