Forwarding with Page Rule

I am trying to forward to

Currently, it only forwards to

What in my context is incorrect, please? Does this require 2 page rules?


Forwarding URL (301 Permanent Redirect)

Hello @kacey!

You just need to create a forwarding page rule either 301 or 302 (depend on your need) with the configuration as follow:

the $1 means that you’re keeping the URI in the redirection, have a look at that guide for more explanations:

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Thank you so much, @stephane,

Unfortunately I must have something else interfering as it is not working for me. I tried a few variations as well. Any thoughts on what else I could look at?

With nothing else in your root htacess file (
add this simple 301 that directs the new location.
Nothing else, just this.

Redirect 301 /

This snippet is the same as on css tricks,
under snippets > htaccess > redirects

@kacey If you want me to look at what happening, i’ll need the name of your domain :slight_smile:

That would be awesome! It is

When i’m doing a request on i’m being redirected to so i assume that you’re using two Wilcard in your page rule. If yes, you’d use $2 at the end of the redirection pattern since that represents the second wildcard catch.

Then, you probably have a redirection in your webserver because the 301 is working normally since I’m seeing the /mxwww but I’m directly redirected (302) again to /.

This isn’t a Cloudflare configuration, didn’t see anything doing that in your second Cloudflare domain.


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Thank you SO much @stephane! Tweaked the .com page rules and everything seems happy now!