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I have just changed over my domain name from to and we have an existing wildcard DNS that is related to ( and our users know that as the url to visit.
I don’t want to have to make my users enter a new address as many probably already have our site bookmarked. I was just wondering if it was possible to forward from to without having to create a interim random webpage that lives at that is just there to redirect the user on to

You can add your previous domain to Cloudflare as well and use a page rule to redirect every host to its new place.

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I tried that, but I lost HTTPS. Is there any way to not lose that?

What exactly did you try?

^^ I tried exactly this

Post screenshots of your configuration.

That configuration does look okay and it does properly redirect. How did you “lose” HTTPS?

I’m part of this organization and the one actually dealing with the configuration.

Originally I tried adding a cname dns record which correctly forwarded me to the new site, however upon trying to access the site Chrome gave the typical “this site is not encrypted…” view that it normally does if you’re trying to access an unsecured site.

Then I read about page rules and added the one you see above. Yesterday it correctly forwarded me but I had the same result with Chrome. Today it doesn’t seem to work entirely, and giving the “this site can’t be reached” view.

So it’s not exactly that we’re losing https, more so something in our configuration is preventing it from working as it should.

Is the URL people try to go to something like “”? This might be related to universal SSL only covering one level down subdomains.

Well, it worked earlier, now you seem to have removed that record.

Judge: Sadly not, the whole url someone would use is

sandro: The only record removals I did were yesterday. Today I re-added the page rule so you could see what we did. The flow for exactly the actions I’ve taken over the past couple days were trying the cname (yesterday) -> removing the cname -> adding a page rule -> removing the page rule -> re-adding it (today)

Right now that host does not resolve. There are no records set up. Earlier I had the impression it did work.

Anyhow, if you want to get this working you need to create a record for that hostname. Considering you only use it for a page rule you dont even need to point it to a proper IP address. It is important it is proxied though.

Hi @rwightman,

A wildcard record itself can’t be :orange: unless you’re on an enterprise plan. However you can create a wildcard CNAME which points to an :orange: record which effectively does the same thing I believe. You could use a page rule on to redirect to

sandro: THANK YOU! Adding the record worked. I did not realize that was necessary, I’m new to web development and am usually a low-level programmer so this is all foreign to me.

I added a record and used an invalid ip address and it worked like a charm.

Thats a good point and I forgot about the proxied wildcard issue. It seems to apply to both A and CNAME records though. So a wildcard might not work at all in this case.

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