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Hello all,

One of our client merged with another and they are suing the Cloudflare free tier to host the DNS but the website is hosted elsewhere.

We need to deploy a website redirect to the clients main site so I found the following KB.


On the above KB I found the following.

Traffic must pass through Cloudflare for Page Rules to work. If you only use Cloudflare for DNS, Page Rules are not active.

Is there any other way that we can use Cloudflare to redirect web traffic or is our only option is to change the DNS to point to the actual webserver hosting the site (managed by a 3rd party) and create and forward on the web server ?


The old site has to use Cloudflare in proxy mode in order to use a Cloudflare redirect.

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Hi sadyman,

Many thanks for the response and the tutorial.

So I assume what’s mentioned in the KB from Cloudflare about the site must be hosted with Cloudflare is not true or not applicable in this instance ?


Please ignore the above, its working as you mentioned.

Thanks again for all your help.


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