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Hi. Is there a website kinofilmy_tv. I need to set up a redirect from the pages* to the new address* but redirect to the new address should be with the substitution character. In particular accented in such street address: kinofilmy_tv/film/spasti_ryadovogo_rayana/ need to they pereadresovyvalis here: kinofilmy_com/movies/spasti-ryadovogo-rayana/ Please note that in the old address connector _ a in the new line connector-that is, formally there is a simple redirect kinofilmy_tv/film/ redirect to kinofilmy_com/movies/$2 and everything is almost fine, but I miss the rule of replacing any character. I admit the plot where I first do a redirect with kinofilmy_tv/filma/nazvanie_filma_po_russki/ na kinofilmy_tv/nazvanie-filma-po-russki/ and then use the above rule. But I could not even set up a simple redirect with the replacement of _ on -

Im used page rules, i have this rules

Follow this link and see how it works rule:

I don’t have enough replacement _ on - since on the old website address had address using the underscore, and the new website through the dash.

On the server side, I’ll set it up. The task through the url forwarding rules page to configure. As a result, I have the correct rule, it is necessary only in the first rule to add another replacement symbol. In General, is there an example of at least one rule of symbol replacement? For example, how to make a redirect in all pages of the form na just for this simple task, write the rule of replacing all _ characters with -

I do not want to implement the direction on the server side, I have another task. You know how to help set up a redirect rule with na / globally! Just help with such a plan rule and I’ll figure it out myself. I need to configure the rule through page rules.

You really don’t understand why? The website isn’t there anymore. Why do I need it on the server if I have a dns Manager which is called Cloudflare and in which we conduct a dialogue.

I see, the old site uses _ and the new site uses -

Cloudflare’s Redirect does not do character substitution. Your Page Rules look good, but if you can use mod_rewrite on the new server, it will finish the redirect from _ to -

Yes, on your server I will certainly end up a redirect for this thank you for the advice. If this is really the only option, I’ll take it into service. I would suggest to pin this topic in order for me it was very informative.

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