Forwarding URL Page Rule Proxy Best Practice


I have read the documentation for creating a Forwarding URL Page Rule and they just say to create an A record or CNAME record and enable the proxy (orange cloud) so that Cloudflare can intercept the traffic and apply the page rules. What they don’t mention are any best practices for what you should put in the A record or CNAME record. They mention that it doesn’t really matter what is put in the record since the request will never get that far. I am just curious what everyone is putting in their records. I am thinking that it would make more sense to use a CNAME record with an obvious dummy name so that it is obvious the the record is just a there for the purpose of the page rule. I thought of this after creating about 300 out of 2100 forwarding url page rules. On the one I already created I just used a CNAME record with one of our main domains as the record but that can be confusing since it doesn’t say that that record is specifically there to make the page rule work. Looks like I might redoing these. So what do you put in your A and CNAME records that you use to trigger page rules?



I would recommend creating an A record for the host, pointing to

For more detail, please see this tutorial, by @domjh:


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