Forwarding URL on page rule stop working

Hello everyone,

I’ve a page rule that was working before for several months, and last night stop working (I’ve a watchdog on that webpage). It was not an immediatly change of state, but there was some periods before it stop permanently (at least it seems now, its not working for 3 hours). I used http and https and same result.

I’ve only made a change on a TXT record yesterday on this domain (the domain is a .ph the only one I had from there)(around 10 hours before) for spf1 were I removed an argument that was there for ages (+a +mx), but I really dont thing that it would had any impact on that rule.

Now its being forwarding to a webpage from domain registrar, that its supposed to be shown when the domain name doesnt have a record on DNS:

I’ve other domains with the same rule, and all are working without problems.

I’ve turn that rule off and on, but still nothing. I double check on A record to check if its setup to pass through proxy and it is.

Since there is no Cloudflare error, I believe that its not passing through Cloudflare proxy like it was before.

Anyone have an idea on what it could be?

Could you tell me the domain name

I’am using cloudflares DNS servers to validate those domains, on that watchdog and from my browsers. Didnt test yet from other DNS servers or even from proxies on other countries.

It looks like you’re using Cloudflare Workers on your domain, judging by the DNS records pointing to a reserved IP address.

Please note certain Page Rules such as Forwarding URL may not function correctly when using Workers. You can read more about this here: Page Rules · Cloudflare Workers docs

I’d advise you to take a look at Bulk Redirects if you need to implement a redirect in front of Workers.

Thank you for your reply.

I am not using workers here or even on other domains.

I am using the same IP mentioned on Cloudflare tutorial for this case: Cloudflare Community Tutorial - Redirecting with Page Rules in Cloudflare - YouTube

Sorry, I didn’t see the rule was redirecting to a different domain.

According to WHOIS your domain just expired yesterday. It is no longer pointing to Cloudflare’s name servers and your redirect rule therefore won’t work.✓&


@albert Ohhh :eyes: that’s why you are MVP. You get solutions in matter of time :no_mouth:

I didn’t notice that part! I only manage the DNS records, regarding domain renewals there are other company doing it (even receiving emails warning about it).

Thanks a lot albert and cloudcreatr.


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