Forwarding URL not working

I’m migrating domains from to Under my old domain, I have a subdomain with an online course called masterclass.2by22.

I configured all the DNS mappings so that 2by22 points to, however I need to set up a specific 301 redirect for any url that contains “/p/career-launchpad-2020” to route to as well. I have other folders under the masterclass subdomain that I want to stay put and not redirect.

My current forwarding rule is as follows:

However, this is not working. When I go to a page that contains the URL there is no redirect.

Other context that might be relevant:

  • I use CNAME flattening and as such don’t have A records.
  • is hosted on Google Domains. I tried redirecting to 2by22 (which is hosted on cloudflare) as a test and even that’s not working.
  • I’ve tried many permutations of the forwarding, including “*” not including that, etc. Nothing worked.

How did you configure these mappings?

Here’s a screenshot. I am using cloudflare for the CNAME flattening so that my old domain doesn’t redirect more often than it needs to before routing to my new name. I read somewhere that to use forwarding you need an a record… is there any way around that? All the a records you see are imported from my old blog. Don’t think they are doing much.

I see that master class actually points to teachable. Teachable uses Cloudflare, so I suspect that anything that points to teachable uses their Cloudflare settings, and not yours.

With that in mind, I don’t think you can pull out one path on a teachable site and forward it elsewhere.

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