Forwarding URL matches the target and would cause a redirect loop

There are currently 2 similar named sites added to Cloudflare. For example, (1) and (2). The latter is the primary domain.

When adding a page rule for to permanently (1) redirect to (2), it returns the error message “Forwarding URL matches the target and would cause a redirect loop”.

The rule is https://**. The preceding asterisk matches “the”. Adding a dot/period after * e.g. *.abc resolves the error. This however does not redirect to (2) with a subdomain of www.

How should the page rule be set up?

That sounds like an unintended consequence (a bug).

I’d make it two rules

  1. Match
  2. Match *

That works although as the sites are on a free plan, it uses 2 of the 3 available rules.

  1. Is that the only option?
  2. If yes, is it a bug that Cloudflare can fix?
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As you’re forwarding the entire site, I don’t see that you’ll need that third rule.

As for the bug, I’ll pass this along, as it does indeed look like their check isn’t careful enough.

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