Forwarding URL and include trailing slash

Hi, I put in a Page Rule to forward my URL,

But I want it to also forward, (which currently goes to a 404).

Any “dynamic pattern” that can easily fix this?

Thanks for any and all advice!

Assuming you have configured /go* as match, it should forward both. Can you post a screenshot of your page rule list?

Thanks Sandro,

Here’s a screenshot:

  • Drop #1 and use the global setting instead
  • Drop #3
  • Place #4 as #1 and add an asterisk after go

Thanks sando!

So, by drop you mean ‘delete’, right?

And, “the global setting instead” … what is the global setting?

Can you clarify this, then I can give it a shot.

Then, just drag #4 to the #1 spot, and include the asterisk. Okay.


I do.

Somewhere under the SSL settings.

Well, once you have removed the others it wont be #4 anymore but you get the point.

Okay, here’s what it looks like now:

And made these changes:

Looks good to me.

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