Forwarding to clickfunnels URL not working

I’m sure there is something wrong with the way this is set up but I can’t figure out what it is. This forwarding rule is not working. I’ve added a CNAME record for the “go” subdomain as well. Any ideas?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask is the CNAME go proxied and set to :orange: or no? :thinking:
Should be set to :orange: so Page Rule would apply and work.

But, somehow when I do a lookup, I see you are missing an A or CNAME record for which is why when you try to enter it doesn’t work:

The URL itself works fine.

Kindly, navigate to the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name and look if there is already an existing A or CNAME

Add it if it’s missing and make sure it’s proxied and set to :orange: so your Page Rule would work :wink:

Thank you for your reply. There aren’t any A or CNAME records for Do I need both? If I add a CNAME, where do I set the target to?

Thank you for feedback information.

Either A or CNAME.

I’d suggest you to add new record A and A, both pointed to a temporary IP like and make sure they are proxied and :orange:.
→ or you can add A and CNAME www pointed to

Thanks for your help. I added the A record per your instructions but I’m unable to add www as it is already pointed. See image below. How should I proceed?

Currently it is:

  1. → redirects to www and both opens kajabi website
  2. → now doesn’t work anymore
  3. → works fine and redirects to clickfunnels

So, now we want as below?:

  1. → to go to the clickfunnels?
  2. → to go to the clickfunnels?

I am sorry, I wasn’t aware how redirection from www to non-www or vice-versa works, this is why I am asking this.

Check your Page Rules and make sure it’s (just add www) in the first field.

Else, if www will work, but non-www won’t or vice-versa, you can fix this and might have to use two Page Rules:

  1. → 301 forwarding →
  2. → 301 forwarding →

I did this and it works :slight_smile:

Can you check on your end?

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Yes! I can confirm it works now :+1:

One Page Rule works for bot cases as it redirects to www :wink:

End result:

NON-WWW test:
301 Moved Permanently
302 Moved Temporarily
302 Found
200 OK

WWW test:
302 Moved Temporarily
302 Found
200 OK

GO sub-domain test:
302 Found
200 OK

Thanks for your help!

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