Forwarding to a specific URL with Page Rules

I need to set up a specific forwarding on a domain but can’t seem to get it to work. I need

* to be forwarded to a specific URL.

Here are the page rules I have set up. What’s wrong?

Switch the order.

That didn’t work. It just goes to the root page that’s set up on the root domain and not the specific URL that I need

What did not work? If you switch the order the login rule will fire first.

I did that and when I go to, it goes to the wrong page – to the page set up on instead of the specific URL

The whole domain is not on Cloudflare, so nothing of that will work in the first place of course.

I don’t understand what you mean by “the whole domain is not on Cloudflare”. What do you mean? What am I missing?

Your domain is not configured for Cloudflare. It points straight to your host.

I’m sorry what do you mean by that? Am I missing some DNS record(s)?

You are missing the whole setup.

You need to check out and configure your domain properly for Cloudflare.

That’s how the platform I am connecting to told me to set it up. So their instructions are wrong? The main domain goes where it needs to go- just not that particular page rule

If that is a partner setup you need to talk to your host and they need to provide you with better instructions. If that is a full setup you need to follow the setup guide I linked to.

Right now your domain is neither using Cloudflare’s nameserver nor is it proxied, so none of what you configure will work.

It is using Cloudflare name servers – I set them in GoDaddy a while ago

It isn’t

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:        nameserver =        nameserver =

you are looking at the wrong domain! its

That is what you posted


sorry - my mistake. I meant - needs to go to a specific URL that I set up in the page rules

Switching the order didn’t work

I need to forward a URL to a specific URL and the page rule is not working. What is wrong? I did post this before under “Forwarding to a specific URL with Page Rules” which was marked solved but it’s not – it does not work when I switched the order as shown in the screen grab

I need to be redirected to

That actually does redirect


It won’t redirect on your naked domain as that host points to an address which is not proxiable.