Forwarding Subdomains

I’d love some advice please.

Question 1

I have a domain setup with a UK host but nameservers point to Cloudflare and it shows as being active on my dashboard.

Domain is totssmovie dot com and it should be forwarding to https://timeofthesixthsunlaunch dot com

(As a new user it’s limiting me to 2 URLS in this post so I’ve replaced . with ‘dot’)

When you go to http totssmovie dot com or https totssmovie dot com it returns: http://totssmovie dot com/not_on_server dot html and says ‘This site doesn’t exist here’

Sorry for such a basic request but I’ve been through the support pages and can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.


Page rules only work when requests go through Cloudflare’s proxies. That is not the case here but the domain resolves straight to your server. Change the web relevant :grey: icons in the DNS settings to :orange: and it should work.

Brilliant - thank you Sandro. Simple when you know how…

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