Forwarding subdomain URLs previously using ClickMagick

Hey y’all! Trying to figure out if it is possible to discontinue using two subdomain names that have URL tracking attached to them without breaking links.

Here’s the setup:
We have used a service called “Clickmagick” for a few years which is a paid link tracking service (approximately $400/year). To use Clickmagick, we had to create sub-domains of our main domain. go/ & on/ as seen in this image:

After that, Clickmagick allows us to create unlimited URLs off of each subdomain (a total of just over 1,000 unique URLs off of those two sub domains.)

We no longer care to use Clickmagick, and are trying to figure out a solution to forward all those URLs intact to their original desination pages.

We have a CSV list of the subomain URLs & the URL they each forward to. Is there a way to forward a massive list like this within Cloudflare?

If not, what sort of solution do y’all think we could do to accomplish this task?

Our main domain registrar is GoDaddy. We spoke with their support and they said that we needed to handle this within Cloudflare because the Nameservers are here.

We have the free Basic Cloudflare plan with a few extra purchased Page Rules.

Please let us know if you have any questions that could help clarify this inquiry.

Thanks in advance!

  • Brian

The best solution may be to use Cloudflare Workers:

With Page Rules, using the API will likely be the best option to bulk-create page rules, but you’ll be limited by the plan:

You can purchase additional rules (up to a maximum of 100) for domains in the Free, Pro, and Business plans.


Thanks so much, Chris! This answers my question. Feel free to close my inquiry.
– Brian


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