Forwarding subdomain to main domain


My developer and I are not able to create a forwarding rule for our subdomain to redirect to the main domain.

We want the au subdomain to redirect to the main domain. we setup the page rule attached but it does not work.

The CNAME settings are:
Name: au
TTL: Auto
Proxy Status: DNS only

Can you please help us figure this out?

Thank you

PageRules does just apply to Proxied Domains :orange:!
If you use as DNS only you can just use only the DNS section of CloudFlare, but not all the other sections.

Also if you set up a CNAME you probably do not want to redirect it to another Domain.
I think I know what you want to achive but thats the wrong way.

Pls explain what you want to do to make sure we are speaking about the same thing.
Next thing: pls always test/try with 302 and if it works change to 301 if you want. Do not start with 301 as it gets cached!


Thank you so much for your feedback -
we had a website hosted here:
we shut off the website 2 days ago and I would like to redirect all traffic from that subdomain to our main website:

Sorry for the lack of technical knowledge but I really do not know much about this - I am just a digital marketer.

Any help would be super helpful, I really don’t know how to navigate this platform.

Thank you

No Problem, best community here :wink:

  1. Pls proxy the Domain ( :orange:
  2. then your PageRule should apply automatically.
  3. Care: for recurring users this may does not apply immediately as their Routers/machines itself may have cached the unproxied IP.

So give it 1-2 days untill it (after proxying it!) takes to redirect all traffic

So sorry but how can I proxy the domain

If this is what I was supposed to do, it does return an error - please see screenshot below.

Thank you

  1. Edit your CNAME Entry “au” and point it to “@” (from previously “”)
  2. now click on the :grey: Icon to change it to :orange: (Proxied)
  3. Report back if done

Thats it

Done! :slightly_smiling_face:

What should I do with the Page Rule I created earlier? Should I delete it?*
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:

Thank you

Your CNAME is not rediorecting it! You just have to point it to a Domain in your own CF package to be able to proxy it. After proxying it your PageRule does apply. So editing the CNAME was just required to be able to use CF as more then a DNS only service

The PageRule itself is redirecting the Traffic! If you delete it people do not get redirected anymore.

Also: for me it is already working :slight_smile: Pls mark the right answer als “Solution” to make it easiert for others to find the solution faster.

Amazing! It is working for me as well!

Thank you so much for all your help!

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