Forwarding rules


I am new to using forwarding rules and am having an issue. I just moved my site from a woo commerce platform to Shopify. I am trying to create a rule that will redirect product links correctly.

The old site used /shop/ for the product directory, the new one uses /product/

I created a rule: URL path equals “/shop/“ then static redirect to “/product/“ and preserve query string.

However, this rule is not working. I did some digging and found that rules only work on proxied domains. My domain will not let me set it to proxied after changing the IP address to the Shopify server IP.

How would I get this rule to work, or what am I missing?

Thank you!

You can’t get the rule to work on non-proxied domains. Requests have to reach Cloudflare in order for rule to be able to be evaluated.

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