Forwarding rule not working

Have a free account with domain registered at Cloudflare.
Added a rule to forward the site to another URL and now receive an error with URL “”. I think is GoDaddy where the domain had previously been registered. Any pointer on how to resolve? Thank you!

Sorry, can not post the rule as new users unable to include urls in their messages

You can post a screenshot of the rule, but it sounds like whatever you’re redirecting to isn’t working.

Hey Sdayman, thank you for the quick reply. I think my dns records are a mess. I have deleted them all as they were referencing the old registrar (godaddy) but do not know what I need to have url forwarding as now i receive an “error 1016, origin dns error”
An image of the forwarding rule is attached… the rule seems pretty straight forward so am thinking this is a dns issue. Thanks again!

Thanks for trying. I guess i will just switch back to godaddy. Don’t like them but their site is certainly more friendly for a novice like me.

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