Forwarding Page Rules Not Working


I’ve seen similar posts to this .but none with a definitive answer so hopefully someone can help me.

I have a redirect setup like this:

to redirect to:$2

I’ve also tried:*

to redirect to:$1

Both instances don’t redirect at all, and bring me to the 404 page on the domain that the /blog path resolves to. The main A record and the www CNAME are both proxied through Cloudflare so I can’t figure out why either wouldn’t work.

If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it

Hi @greg22,

Have you set these up in the last few hours? If so, there is currently an issue that may be affecting them which should hopefully be resolved soon.

Once these delays have worked through, if they’re still not working, please post back and we will have a look!


Yes, I came back and checked a few hours later and it looks like everything is working as intended. Thanks for the reply!


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