Forwarding page rule - with matched wildcard

Hi Cloudflare Community,

My goal is to set up matched wildcard rederects:
should forward to

I have this Page Rule set up, however it does not seem to work.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

You need to proxy the DNS record, otherwise Cloudflare can’t redirect it.


Thank you. But do you mean add/edit a CNAME with the the Content of “” with Proxied Status?

You need to proxy the hostname which you want to forward, which is your naked domain.

cannot seem be able to add the DNS (the Rule is in place as per previous screenshot).

Please kindly advise what to modify…

Undo what you just did and simply switch your naked domain from :grey: to :orange:. That’s it.

There’s actually a tutorial on that at #tutorials.

That solves forwarding, however now the destination S3 bucket times out the request…

There is a subdomain DNS (‘share’) pointing to an AWS S3 bucket that times out then.

See this link please:

That’s a different issue :wink:

I’d keep the share record unproxied until you fixed these issues. Your Amazon service needs to properly respond on HTTPS. Only once that works you should proxy.

How can this be resolved from Cloudflare side, given that “Amazon S3 does not support HTTPS access to the website”.

source: stack 10 on this page: Configuring a static website using a custom domain registered with Route 53 - Amazon Simple Storage Service

You can’t. You first need a valid SSL setup on your server.

I’m reading that can be done with Cloudfront, but then I can not use Cloudflare at the same time…

You should be able to use Cloudflare as you’ll just put Cloudflare in front of it.

I’d pause Cloudflare for now, so that it resolves straight to the origin, fix there whatever needs fixing, and once your site loads properly on HTTPS you can unpause and it should work.

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