Forwarding not working

I just joined Cloudflare. To my horror my Page Forwarding stopped working when I’m using Cloudflare with my domain. Instead of going to the URL Forwarding Address, Cloudflare is dumping me to the index.php. This is my forwarding statement at my Registrar.

The domain is a registrar variable for each domain name. So it gets replaced by the domain name, ie

The forwarding in Cloudflare looks powerful but simple. But I’m not very good at translating instructions into reality. So my forwarding address I’m trying to use doesn’t work. Which doesn’t surprise me. My page rule looks like this…*
URL Forwarding
301 Redirect*

This doesn’t even save. It gets a validation error Code 1004. I guess it’s the 4th line which is wrong. I never really understood what to put there. Anyway. I need help.

Whats the domain and where do you want to forward it to?

Considering you mentioned your registrar it would seem the forwarding was configured on their end, which is likely not hit any longer after you switched.

OK. I figured out that my original forwarding isn’t working anymore because it’s being interrupted by Cloudflare.

I don’t really want to include the real domain name for privacy purposes on a public forum.

I am not sure what you mean by that, you would need to elaborate.

Fair enough, but in that case it is impossible to give proper advice.

What I could offer is you check your site at and tell me and what time you checked, so I can try to dig out the URL and follow up without disclosing your domain.

Well the forwarding from my domain is getting dumped into index.php by Cloudflare.

I just checked my site about a minute ago begins with the letter “e”

Alright, got it.

The domain does have one redirect but that is only for HTTP to HTTPS. Apart from that it loads your main page. That is not what you want I understand. Where exactly should it forward to?

https://YOURDOMAIN/details.php?d=SOMETHING ?!

Yep. https://YOURDOMAIN/details.php?d=SOMETHING ?!

SOMETHING equals a domain name, ie another domain name. So when you read forwarding its telling you to go YOURDOMAIN/details.php$d=anotherdomainname. There is a page for that domain under YOURDOMAIN/details.php?d=anotherdomainname

PS: My Cloudflare forwarding isn’t setup yet. I was trying to save it as a draft and got that error mentioned above.

So requesting https://YOURDOMAIN/details.php?d=SOMETHING should basically forward to SOMETHING, either with http or https?

Sorry the parameter $ should be a ?

Correct. I chose HTTPS because its an HTTPS website at YOURDOMAIN

In that case something like that should work


Unfortunately you have to specify the protocol and cant take it from/specify it in d.

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Sorry. I need the details.php? part to my logic. because that is the page that loads the information about the anotherdomainname.

OK. I saw you withdraw that post. But to answer the post before that. the URL is exactly what I posted in my original post. Which gets an Error 1004 when saved. I tried the URL like that, and as YOURDOMAIN/details.php* Both gave the error. But I’m a bit confused why the fourth line in the Page Forwarding is for. I don’t really understand why I should have to repeat the first line. So my Page Forwarding setup is unvalidated?

The configuration I posted above should work but here a screenshot from the setup itself

Why can’t I use 301 Permanent Redirect?

What is the http://$1 for?

Why is it not https://$1?

Does the YOURDOMAIN not have to include the HTTPS:// as part of the address in the first line?

It can be, thats up to you. I am always careful with a 301.

For the redirect.

It can be, if you dont care about domains not running HTTPS.

No. You can specify it explicitly but then you will miss requests to HTTP.

OK. Let me try it.

I thought you had tried it 20 minutes ago :wink:

If you read my 1st post you will see I did not understand what to put on the 4th line. It wasn’t obvious to me.

OK It saved. So I will go ahead and employ it. Thank you. I have 2 questions…

  1. http://$1 will redirect both http & https connections?
  2. I’m inclined to put the “*” immediately after the details.php. Will that work also?

You mean redirect both versions originating from your site or both versions to the destination? As for the latter, no, it will redirect to HTTP and it is up to the destination site to redirect to a possible HTTPS version.

I havent tested it but I’d assume it would.

  1. Since my website is running purely on HTTPS with it’s own SSL Certificate. I really would prefer the visitor to be using HTTPS. I have no clear idea if my website is redirecting HTTP to HTTPS. But I imagine it is. I guess I can try using http://$1 and if it doesn’t work change it to https://$1
  2. OK I’m going to do that.

How long will it take before the forwarding is operational? Is it immediate?