Forwarding Message: This Website is Currently Offline. Please check back later

I’m trying to forward to

but I’m getting this message: This Website is Currently Offline. Please check back later.

And this URL:

I set it up with this page rule*

What am I doing wrong?

How long does it take to propagate?

Page rules should be instant.

Can you post a picture of your Page Rules section?

Also, can you check your DNS page to make sure the two Cloudflare name servers assigned to your domain are Elinore and Norm?

I also have the DNS names of Elinore and Norm as well

Can I see the entire Page Rules screen?

Here’s one other possibility that may be happening. I purchased the domain fro GoDaddy but I did the forwarding this morning. They haven’t been very helpful with this issue. Nice but not helpful. Do you think thats the issue?

Not likely. Cloudflare responds to your domain’s requests, so Page Rules should be in effect.

Your site appears to point to a 3rd party service… in your DNS control panel does it have a :large_blue_circle: next to the hostname which says it is managed by another service? Point the record to a non-existent address (e.g. and try then.

I’m a bit lost here. Under DNS, I dont see anything that says Host name. I see two cnames one with and the other with www and they have blue circles next to them with an i in the middle of them.

Yes it does say another record shares the same name so weve applied CNAME flattening

and the same under www

Im using Drop Funnels now and canceled my clickfunnels account. Would you be kind enough to give me steps as to what to do? I thought DropFunnels would handle multiple domains but was wrong. So I’m trying to Mask and Forward my with an SSL certificate. Thanks for your time

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