Forwarding domain going to another section of the website

So I am currently testing a subdomain in order to forward it to a page that already exists in the website:

When I go to the site,, it takes me to another page that is located in the website, but not to the one I need. And it not only happens if I put test as subdomain, it happens with any subdomain name I give.

Here are my DNS records:

Would appreciate any help with this.


Censoring the domains is not very helpful.

Didn’t know if I censor it or not. I updated the post.


Well, the page rule works fine and redirects properly. Your host however then redirects back to If that is not desired you need to fix that on your server.

Yeah that is not suppose to happen. Would you recommend creating a 301 redirect via htaccess?

No, I would suggest you find whatever is performing that redirect on you server and disable or change it.

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