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Hi, currently my domain is set up so that the root, points to one host (Clickfunnels) and a subdomain points to another (Kajabi). I want to get rid of the Clickfunnels entirely and have it so that the* redirects to*. How can I do this within Cloudflare?

Thanks for the help.

Hi @gabrielstgermain,

You can use a page rule to do the redirect and then you just need a :orange: DNS record for the hostname you want to redirect from.

Do you want the path to redirect as well? You can use wildcards for that.

Hi, thanks for the fast reply and help. I tried the page rule already without success, I think because some of my DNS settings are still pointing to Clickfunnels.

I’m trying to redirect from the root, so which DNS records would I need to add or edit?

I already have an A record for pointing to
I also have a CNAME record www pointing to, not sure what to update this one to?

No problem. If you just want the redirect from, then just this should be OK.

If you aren’t using Clickfunnels, you can remove that www record.

Can you post a screenshot of your page rule?

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Oh that worked now, adding the page rule and removing the www record! Thanks a lot!

However, after removing the www record pointing to Clickfunnels, doesn’t work - only How to I make it so that works as well?

Great, you probably need to add another :orange: record for www and a page rule for that too.

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