Forwarding Cloudfare Domain to Shopify

Hi, I am not very techy at all and would really appreciate some help. I purchased a domain name from GoDaddy and want to use it on Shopify. Go Daddy can’t help as apparently it comes under Cloudfare. I have changed the DNS settings in Go Daddy, but just keep going round in circles and can’t figure how to get shopify and cloudfare to link together. Anyone able to help one very frustrated person!

Is your domain already added to Cloudflare? If so, then it’s just the two DNS records that Shopify wants you to add:

  • An “A” record for @ (that’s shorthand for your domain name) with Shopify’s IP address
  • A CNAME record for www that points to something like

Update based on final setup: The above records need to be :grey: DNS Only.

Thank you.
Any idea, where on Cloudfare I do that…I can’t seem to find the option anywhere to add the details in?

Sorry, yes it’s added and says active - just need to change the A and CName, but can’t find where

Try here:

Thank you for trying to help me. I still can’t seem to change it. On that page it tells me I need to finish setting up the A and CName - but when I go to the DNS management section, and say add record - , it just tells me - error ‘this record type cannot be provided’. If I don’t say add record, then I can’t find where to type it. I’m so sorry, this is all a bit alien to me!

Please post a screenshot of that and what you’re trying to enter.

Ahh I did it! I just needed to take off the orange cloud thing (!) then it would save them. Thank you for your help!

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