Forwarding a domain with subdomain (using www) to that same domain with subdomain (not using wwww)


I’m trying to get to forward to

Right now, displays this error in the browser:

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

I have A records for test and and CNAME records for www and www.test

I have two page rules:
one to always use HTTPS for http://**
and one forwarding* to$1

How can I get to forward to

Strategies to Move From a www Subdomain And Use Free TLS Cert

Cloudflare’s SSL certificates cover and * In your example above isn’t covered by the * it covers but is a second level subdomain.

You would either need a dedicated certificate for * or use a different hostname covered by the * cert you already have.



So I can’t just redirect the www version?

Also, I see that I can order a Dedicated SSL Certificate for $5/month but about using a different hostname, am I right that that means upgrading to Enterprise so that we can swap in a new certificate hostname with a new SSL certificate that would allow second level domains to be covered under *


You can on http. On https, they’re going to see a certificate error because the handshake will fail before we can redirect. You could do this either with the $10 certificate (specifying a custom hostname of * or by uploading your own on either the business or ENT plan. An ENT plan would include a dedicated certificate with customer host names as well in most instances.

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