Forwarding a cloudflare domain to a different domain

Hey everyone,

I bought a domain directly over Cloudflare and I want to redirect it to my main domain.

The domain is

I want to redirect this:
and this:

to a domain like this:

Basically, anything that somebody typed in after the “/” should be redirected there…

So, I do this at page rules / URL forwarding, correct?

But I’m not sure what to put in there…

Also, the domain is not secured yet. Is that needed if it is redirecting?


Create proxied DNS records for @ and www, each pointing to A or AAAA 100::

Create a redirect rule…

…by copying this example…

Under “When incoming requests match” use two hostname equals terms, one for each of and with “OR” between them.

As there’s no origin for those domains, there’s no need for your own SSL certificate, the Cloudflare Universal certificate will provide SSL at the edge.

If redirecting is all this domain does, then you could still set SSL/TLS to “Full (strict)” in case things change in the future away from a redirect and you forget to set this.


That was easy enough :slight_smile: