Forwarded Old Url, Need to Catch all Emails

Hi, I added old website DNS to perform a 301 redirect to new site. I need to forward emails from old domain and want to use godaddy workspace forwarding service using an MX record. Can I do that still if DNS is on cloudflare? Sorry I am not at all techy so be gentle with me, any help greatly appreciated, thank you : )

Cloudflare DNS supports MX records. If the old domain is on Cloudflare DNS (using Cloudflare name servers), you can add an MX record that points all email for that domain to whatever mail service you prefer.

So I think the answer to your question is Yes.

@sdayman Thanks for that. I don’t have any MX records set in Cloudflare and if I understand correctly, Godaddy need the MX records with them for that to work? Can I put MX records with Godaddy when using cloudflare to forward a domain. I am not sure but I see this in Godaddy. “Based on your current MX record settings, we determined that your email is currently set up to work with a different provider. You cannot manage third party email accounts from the Workspace Control Center.”
Sorry, I really am not techy so trying to figure out : )

I don’t know what those MX record settings are, as you haven’t posted your domain name, but GoDaddy should be able to tell you what to change those MX records to get their forwarder to work.

@sdayman OK thank you very much. I just wasn’t sure if I could add the MX records at godaddy, when namesrvers are with cloudflare?

You have to add the MX records here.

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