Forwarded domain and SSL

If I have domain XXX with GoDaddy and it is configured to forward to YYY that is not with GoDaddy. If turn on URL masking the Browser URL shows domain XXX instead of domain YYY.

The problem with this is that shows that the connection is not secure as there is no SSL cert for

I was told that Cloudflare can provide SSL Proxy SSL to handle the SSL termination and serve content from

Is this possible and how do I configure this? If it is possible what Cloudflare subscription do I need.


No, I am afraid the site needs to be secure before you add it to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare only provisions a proxy certificate and does offer additionally a certificate for installation on your server (just like Let’s Encrypt), but the site itself needs to be secure first.

Thanks for the reply Sandro.

In this case domain does not have a site associated with it. It is just a domain whose A record is pointing to Parked in GoDaddy. The URL the site is redirected does however have SSL protection.

If you do not want to serve any content on that domain but only redirect to the other, then you can simply follow that tutorial.

You’ll only need DNS records with dummy values (provided in the tutorial) so that requests go the proxies.

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