Forward URL only to URL with path

I’d like to create a page rule so that it will take any domain only requests and forward it to an URL with a page. The application can’t handle running off the root and has a bunch of querystring parameters and paths that need to be added.

I’ve tried adding a page rule to take and make it go to but it gives me error 1004. I assume it will attempt some sort of a loop and that’s why it won’t let me save it.

If the request has a path or anything already after the then let it go. I only want to redirect the / requests.

Any ideas?

I was able to create this page rule:

Forwarding URL (Status Code: 302 - Temporary Redirect, Url:

However, if I tried, I can’t get it to work. It’s ignored. My request gets rewritten without the trailing slash, and Page Rules doesn’t let me Match without that trailing slash.

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